Don’t Wait to Advocate in Your State—Join Your State Audiology Association Today and Get a Discount from ADA

Don’t Wait to Advocate in Your State—Join Your State Audiology Association Today and Get a Discount from ADA

Stephanie Czuhajewski, MPH, CAE, Executive Director

Licensure requirements, scope of practice, telehealth, insurance mandates, and many consumer protections are determined by state statutes and regulations. While federal laws can preempt the state in certain circumstances, state laws have by far the greatest day-to-day impact on audiologists and their practices.

State audiology associations play an essential role in protecting and advancing the profession of audiology, evidence-based hearing and balance care, and patient access to audiology services. State organizations cannot perform these critical functions without active, engaged, and committed members— and a lot of them.

While ADA staff and volunteers play a supporting role in monitoring and advocating on state policy issues that impact members and stakeholders, well-resourced state audiology associations are far better positioned to act, because they have the historic and practical knowledge of given state policy issues and the standing and credibility as constituents and local experts to build relationships that address both policies and politics at the state level.

Increasing the influence of ADA members within state audiology associations will help align federal advocacy initiatives such as the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act (MAASA) with state laws that govern the services that audiologists deliver and dictate how those services are delivered, so that audiologists can practice in a manner that reflects their extensive training, education, and expertise.

Three things that you and your colleagues can do immediately to fortify state advocacy efforts include the following:

  1. Join or renew your membership in your state audiology association.
  2. Volunteer your time and talent to strengthen your state audiology association.
  3. Make financial contributions to support your state association PAC, lobbyist, or other state advocacy initiatives. These costs are beyond those typically covered by membership alone.

To recognize, support, and encourage ADA member participation in state audiology associations, ADA is offering a $50 discount on ADA 2022 membership dues renewals for members who also commit to join or renew their state audiology association membership for 2022. ADA is also offering a $200 discount on ADA practice memberships for practices with four or more audiologists who participate in their state association for 2022. Please contact Parker Allen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to claim this offer.

ADA members are hands-down the strongest audiologist advocates for their patients and for policies that improve patient outcomes and support evidence-based practices in the delivery of audiovestibular care. Thank you for all you do for your patients and your profession, and Happy Holidays! ■